5 Things You Need to Know About Bariatric Surgery

Are you considering bariatric surgery? Be sure you know the following five things before making such an important and life-changing decision.

1. Bariatric surgery is not the end all be all of weight loss plans. It is not a miracle cure. It will not guarantee long-term success if you go into it without understanding what you need to change about your own diet and lifestyle after the surgery is performed. Regular maintenance and a healthy lifestyle are mandatory if you want to experience lasting results.

2. It’s Expensive- Most insurance companies will not cover bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgeries are very costly. Many people decide to travel to Mexico to receive medical treatment at a reduced cost. Ready4aChange facilitates appointments between weight loss surgery patients and qualified surgeons. If you have been waiting and saving for gastric bypass surgery, please contact us to learn more.

3. Get Support- Support groups and forums can be very beneficial before, after and during the bariatric surgery process. It really helps to speak with other people who have been through a similar weight loss journey and who can speak from experience.

4. Pain- Bariatric surgery is considered a MAJOR (not a minor) surgery. This means you will have pain and discomfort. Speak with your physician to learn more about your procedure and what to expect.

5. Life will Be Better- For many people, life after bariatric surgery is even better than they imagined. Bariatric surgery has many psychological benefits. From being able to go into a regular store and buy clothes off the rack, to getting compliments each time an old friend or acquaintance runs into you, it feels simply amazing to get your life back. Even though opting for bariatric surgery is a huge commitment that takes dedication, the rewards are greater than you could ever imagine.

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