My name is Jennifer I am 27 years old and married with two wonderful little girls. Looking at me now, the majority of people I interact with in public have no idea that I was an obese woman. In just three and a half short months I have easily lost 68 lbs. That’s right, on February 12th I boarded a plane headed for Monterrey Mexico to have the vertical sleeve surgery. Some skeptics might think this decision was anything but logical or even carefully planned out. Let me assure you, I did my research when choosing to have weight loss surgery in Mexico.

I went to my local library first and looked up anything and everything I could on the success involved in weight loss surgery over a lengthy period of time. After researching tons of informative material via the Internet and library, I decided the next step would be to look for a surgeon. I started out close to home,then extended my search to San Diego, California. I met a doctor who did gastric bypasses however it was a one day, in and out procedure and it was costly. Then I Googled weight loss surgery success stories and I found options abroad.

I’m an American girl born and raised,I have never until that day stepped foot on foreign soil. But I kept an open mind and kept my eyes open to anything that seemed like it could be some short of chop shop kind of place. After calling several times and speaking to the R4ac team, I asked to talk with actual patients. Every single person I spoke to had nothing but amazing things to say.

Surgery day was a day I will never forget. Not only was it the beginning of my rebirth, but it was also the day I got to meet the man who saved my life. You see I was a type two diabetic, who had diabetes so bad my baby was born three weeks early weighing 11 lbs. I was injecting insulin on a daily basis just to survive. Currently, I take zero medications. My PCP tested my sugar, blood, ect. and said to me “Jennifer your blood work is better than mine and I used to be a Marathon runner.” Now if that isn’t something to smile about I don’t know what is. For some people going to Mexico is some sort of crazy thing that could never end with a positive outcome.

I am here to tell you that you can change your life, It can become your reality! If only someone had shared with me the wonderful gift I have shared with you I could have saved myself, and my body years of misery,and missed events. My daughter’s teacher did not even know what I looked like because I refused to let the school meet me fat. Fast forward to today, guess what? Now I go everywhere. I make up reasons just to leave the house. I was in no way forced or coursed into sharing my testimony. I am merely a real life women winning the battle of obesity.

If my doctor ever reads this, I want you to know “I will never forget all that you have done for me. I made you a promise on February 12,2009 that if I survived and had a successful surgery that I would take this wonderful gift you have given me and work it. Well, every day has brought me nothing but joy as my scale reads lower, and my bedroom closet is cleaner.” Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. Don’t ever give up on your dreams because you’re worth it.