Croissants? Cheese? Wine? Is it really possible to follow these French women weight loss secrets and achieve results? If you’ve just opted for bariatric weight loss surgery, you are well on your way to changing your lifestyle and habits. Why not try implementing these secrets to see if you too, can make being thin a way of life, and not just a diet?

1. Drink Water- Most people already know the importance of drinking water daily. But did you know drinking a full glass of water before bed and also when waking up is one of the top French women weight loss secrets? Keep a glass by your bedside and your skin and body will thank you. Staying hydrated helps your body flush toxins and fat cells, and helps to ward off those pangs you might mistake for hunger.

2. Eat Sitting Down- The French are known for their love of food. The don’t just cook to eat though. They cook for a relaxing and bonding experience with family and friends. Never eat on the go or in front of the television. Serve three square meals per day on your very best china, and make a point to sit down at the table to eat.

3. Ditch the Comfy Clothes- Elastic pants and leggings are a welcome invitation to over-indulge. While French women are not opposed to comfort, they’re not walking cobblestone streets in yoga pants either. Wake up every morning and put on your favorite dress or trousers. When you’re wearing pressed and tailored clothing you’ll be much less likely to go for seconds. Instead, you’ll catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and revel in how pulled together you look! Maybe it’s time for a new outfit instead?

4. Never Restrict a Craving- On the flip side, restricting cravings makes one all the more likely to binge and sabotage all weight loss efforts. If you absolutely must have a slice of cake, then Bon Appetit! But never, especially after that, should you dare decide to take the elevator instead of the steps. Another well known French weight loss secret is staying active, as a way of life.

5. Keep Moving- Perhaps you don’t own a bicycle and that is OK. You can get your daily exercise just like the French by walking to all of your favorite places instead. If you’re lucky enough to live close to your grocer or lots of quaint shops, make it a daily goal to frequent these destinations.

You don’t need expensive gym memberships, meal replacements, or costly juicing machines to continue weight loss after bariatric surgery. These tried and tested French women weight loss secrets prove that moving, keeps you losing.