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I found your website and am becoming more and more interested in the idea of going to Mexico for bariatric surgery, but I’m wondering what it costs?

I have many friends who have suggested that I just need to keep dieting. Even though that’s clearly not working. I’ve been obese preactically my whole life, or at least since high school where I got made fun of and bullied because I was larger. I know I’ve made some poor life choices and my eating habits are likely to blame for my current size.

I would like to lose 100 lbs and I can save money to go to Mexico for weight loss surgery, if I had an idea what it costs.

Thank you,

Financially Fit

Dear Financially Fit,

Thank you or writing. It’s people like you who drive our passion for facilitating weight loss surgery in Mexico. It can be very confusing where to start, which doctor to choose, and even where you’ll stay once you arrive for your surgery. Ready 4a Change takes care of all thos small details so that you can focus on the important part- getting ready for it!

Before we discuss costs, however, we do need to point out that bariatric surgery is not a weight loss miracle. You WILL need to make dietary changes. Weight loss surgery is simply a tool that makes the journey easier, provided you are committed to changing your habits and lifestyle long-term.

Mexico weight loss surgeries vary by the type, the destination, and then of course the surgeon. We invite you to please take a look at our costs & packages to get a better idea. On average, bariatric surgery in Mexico costs anywhere from $5000-$10,000, as opposed to surgery in the US, which costs over double.

Learn more about the different types of bariatric surgery and then please contact Ready 4a Change for a free consultation. We can help you achieve your weight loss dreams.

Thanks for writing, and best of luck.

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