How Much Liquid Can You Drink After Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery?

Dr. Hector Perez, Bariatric Surgeon, Cancun

Dr. Hector Perez is an experienced board certified surgeon specializing in bariatric weight loss surgery in Cancun. Today he discusses how much liquid is okay to drink after bariatric weight loss surgery.

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Dr. Hector Perez. I’m a bariatric surgeon here in Cancun working for Ready4aChange.

Drinking Liquids After Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Today were going to talk quickly about a concern that many patients get before having surgery and it’s about “What will happen if I will need a colonoscopy and I’m going to need to get my bowels prepped and they’re going to make me drink three liters of barium rapidly?” or “What happens if I would like in the future to do sports, like running a marathon, and I need to drink lots of fluids during a competition? Am I going to be able to do that?” And the answer is yes. In the beginning after getting surgery we always leave patients in a liquid diet for the first week, especially clear liquids, then we progress the diet until we can start eating solids after a month. In the beginning, on the first month you can’t drink fast- not with a gastric sleeve, not with a gastric bypass. But after a month, you will realize you have no problems drinking liquids. You can drink as much liquids as you want. The answer is yes, you can get prepped for a colonoscopy. You can run marathons and drink as much Gatorade or protein shakes you need for going to the gym or whatever.

I hope this answer your questions regarding the amount of liquids patients can drink after surgery.