Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery Success Story

My life changed on July 21, 2009! I had sleeve surgery in Monterrey.
This is my story.

I had become so miserable that my whole family was feeling the effects. I wasn’t happy with myself, so how could I make anyone else happy? I decided to make a change. Once I made up my mind to have the surgery I never feared the surgery or going to another country because something had to change and this was the ticket for me.
My husband did not say that he wanted me to have the surgery but he also never said that he didn’t want me to have it.
This was totally my decision. I did have a friend who had just gotten back from having Gastric Bypass surgery and I was able to speak with her before flying out to Monterrey. She sang their praises!
My mother decided to have the same surgery as I was having so we were able to schedule for the same day. I was about to turn 40 and she was about to turn 59.
We arrived in Monterrey and were picked up just as planned, taken to the hotel (very nice), and met with R4ac that night. A driver picked us up the next day, took us to the hospital where we paid for the surgery and were taken to prep for surgery. Everyone was very nice and they were concerned for our safety and comfort. I went first, then my mother. We were put in the same room after surgery. We were able to walk to the bathroom after surgery without help. Slept most of that day.
The next morning they took us for a scan of our abdomen to make sure there were no leakages. Everything was fine.
We walked out of the hospital on our own and they took us back to the hotel. We were able to walk for exercise in the hotel and across to the mall for a movie.
My surgery was done on a Tuesday. We flew home on Saturday and we were both back at work the next week.
It has been almost 8 months and I have lost 62lbs. I feel like I’m in someone else’s body! It doesn’t seem possible to feel this much better in such a short amount of time. My husband now tells me that he will admit that he didn’t want me to have the surgery but he is so glad that I did. My attitude about everything has changed. It shows in everything I do! I have gone from a size 18 to a 10 and loving that I can shop with my daughter! My mother has also lost over 60lbs. and went from a size 16 to an 8.
When we left from the hospital we were given the physician’s phone number and were told to call with any problems or questions.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a doctor give me his cell phone number after surgery. I did email with a question once and he called me back with the answer. How’s that for bedside manner?
I will say that I do not have the hunger pains that I did have. (I am not hungry…period! ) I wanted to eat all of the time. After the surgery you will find that the battle with your stomach is over but the battle with your brain isn’t. You will still see things that you know are very tasty and want to eat them. Your head is telling you to eat it…not your stomach anymore. You will ” try” to eat things you shouldn’t and you will find out quickly that it was the wrong thing to do.
Once you conquer your ” brain hunger” you have WON the war.
Eat small amounts and make healthy choices and you too can be successful!
I feel that this was the right choice for me and my life. My new feeling of comfort, confidence, and satisfaction with myself was exactly what I needed and wanted. I wish you luck in making your life changing decision and on your new healthy life!