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“I have Ready4aChange to thank for helping me find the best surgeon and hospital for my bariatric surgery. They took great care of me, and made sure I was informed and prepared every step of the way. I’m a little over one year from surgery now, and almost 100 pounds gone! I’m off insulin and blood pressure medications, and my A1c results are very close to “normal”! I feel good and can play with my grandkids now and exercise is fun now, not drudgery! I can’t say enough about Ready4aChange – especially after talking with other bariatric patients who did not utilize Ready4aChange and hearing how unprepared they were and that they were not taken care of by their facilitator. I am happy to talk with anyone who has questions about any part of the process, and highly recommend Ready4aChange! I’m living a high quality of life now! Thank you!”

Jana S.
November 23, 2015