Monterrey: World Class Medical Facilities & Mexico’s Wealthiest City

The Booming Medical Tourism Facilities of Monterrey

Monterrey has long enjoyed a reputation as Mexico’s wealthiest city offering world class hotels, great shopping and fine dining. But did you know Monterrey is also home to 3 prestigious Joint Commission accreditation hospitals with a focus on medical tourism? Additionally, Mercer Human Resource Consulting and American Economia have consistently ranked Monterrey in at the top for Quality of Life.

It is estimated close to 500,000 individuals each year visit Monterrey for medical tourism. Clearly with this much popularity and a high rate of returning patients, Monterrey is doing something right. What US city attracts any where near that many visitors each year for health care? The reasons are obvious. The close proximity to the US means that those desiring the best in health care can simply drive across the border or jump on a flight and be there within a few hours. Affordability is a given with recent statistics showing average costs of medical treatments in Mexico ranging between 50-70% less than in the US. Of course, once you are here it is the perfect opportunity to take a well deserved break and enjoy the best Mexico has to offer from fantastic beaches and warm sunshine to luxury accommodations and resorts.

As far as the quality of health care and medical facilities go, you really couldn’t ask for any better. The leading hospitals and health care centers in Monterrey offer world class facilities with state of the art equipment and highly trained professional doctors and staff that have been trained both in Mexico’s top universities and the US. According to WHO (the World Health Organization) the level of medical care and facilities here is similar to what you are used to in the US. Not to mention of course that the staff here are committed to delivering incredible personal service to keep you coming back and referring friends and family for their needs as well. Just because you are able to take advantage of these services at more affordable rates does not by any means equate to a lower level of quality, in fact hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on new equipment and facilities in Monterrey.

If you are considering medical tourism for your next health care procedure, Monterrey just might be for you!