In 2002 Dow weighed 400 lbs and Debbie was at 300 lbs. We decided something had to be done about our weight problems. We went to a gastric bypass doctor in Lexington, KY. Debbie was approved for surgery because she was a diabetic and had very high blood pressure. A couple weeks before surgery our insurance made an across the board ruling not to cover any more weight loss surgery. We did not know where to turn.

We begin a two year diet of very low carbs. Both of us lost weight. Dow lost 91 lbs and Debbie lost 42 lbs in the first year, but after dieting another year and losing nothing we knew we had to do something to reduce our food intake.

Again we considered weight loss surgery. Knowing our insurance would not pay we began checking on the prices in our area. The lap band was $17,000.00 per person and this was just more than we could do. We began checking on the Internet and found out that in Mexico they did the lap band surgery in several cities. After a lot of research we decided to go to Monterrey and have surgery with the doctor.

On October 3rd 2004 we flew from Chicago to Monterrey. We were met at the airport and taken to the doctor’s guest house. Later that night R4ac Coordinators took us to the hospital to meet the doctor. We were so impressed with the hospital and the doctor. We went back to the guest house for a good nights sleep.

The next morning we arrived at the hospital. Dow had surgery at 8 AM and Debbie at 10 AM. We were both up and walking that evening. The walking helped with the gas used in Laparoscopic Surgery. We both did well. Debbie did have problems with reflux, but we were able to leave the hospital the next morning.

We went back the guest house. We spent most of the day walking and talking to other surgery patients staying at the guest house. The next morning we flew home. The soreness was getting better every day. Debbie still struggled with reflux for around three days, but things did get better. In the first week combined, we lost a total of 33 lbs. We are now almost 6 months post-op and down 102 lbs between us. We love doing this together.