Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Testimonial

Why did you choose Ready4aChange?
I chose Ready4aChange because I read a lot of good reviews. Also, my mother did a lot of research and all we could find was positive things about this place.

How did you feel about coming to Mexico for the surgery?
A little nervous, a little shaky. I’m not a big adventurer. I don’t do a lot of trips to Mexico or other states. I was nervous, but once I got here the driver and everyone made it so comfortable, at ease. Security is top notch. You feel comfortable everywhere you go.

Has your weight loss procedure met your expectation?
Yes, highly. It’s just like here in the states. Everything is top notch.

How was your pain managed?
As far as pill wise, they gave us pills for pain. But like I said, there’s really no pain. Me and the other group that went through – met some people from the states, pain was very minimal. Everybody’s feeling good.

How do you feel about recommending people come here to do the surgery rather than in the states?
It’s a lot more cost effective. It doesn’t dent your bank or your wallet. My insurance didn’t cover it. I recommend it highly, 100%. I’m going to let people know about this and hopefully they can get it done for themselves.