eating out

The following weight loss tips for eating out will help you stay on track and successful no matter the dining destination.

1. Ask About Food Preparation- Even if your opt for what you believe is a healthy dish, hidden carbs and fat calories can really add up. It’s always best to make special requests while ordering. For example, request your vegetables to be steamed, rather than pan fried in oils. Making these small modifications will ensure you’re reducing your daily caloric intake.

2. Check Out the Menu- Temptation can derail your weight loss efforts. Take the time to discover menu options before going out. You’ll feel more prepared and less likely to opt for a dish that doesn’t suit your dietary modifications.

3.Eat Your Protein First- Another weight loss tip for eating out is to eat like the French. Request your courses be served in the following order: Beverage, Protein, Salad, Bread, Dessert. By the time the rolls hit the table you’ll be fairly satisfied and less inclined to scarf down the carbs and sugary treats.

4.Avoid Temptations: While buffets are a wallet-friendly dining option, they can certainly wreak havoc if you can’t walk past food temptations. Steer clear of restaurants that offer too many of your personal food weaknesses, and explore healthier destinations instead. Greek and Japanese restaurants have plenty of healthy options that can keep you on track.

5. Limit Your Beverage Intake- Instead of drinking sugar-packed sodas or opting for cream in your coffee, stick with the natural choice and drink water with lemon wedges instead. You’ll not only quench your thirst, you’ll help flush toxins and fat cells from your body.

Eating out after bariatric surgery doesn’t have to be complicated. These weight loss tips for eating out promise you can have your cake (and you know, take a bite, too.)